Mindfulness & Yoga Homeschool Co~Op Fall 2021

Mindfulness & Yoga Homeschool Co~Op Fall 2021

Heather is an experienced yoga and mindfulness leader teaching Yoga pratices for all skill levels from baby through adult, Mindfulness practices including and not limited to nature walks, guided meditation, etc, social emotional learning and mind body connection.  


We will:

Discuss feelings and how they feel inside our bodies, how we can express feelings

~Crystals, mineral

~Energy healing

~7 main energy centers or chakras

~What prayer looks like for each person

~Types of meditation and how it feels to meditate and why we meditate

~Yoga, practice asana  - the physical practice of yoga and learn how each pose feels to our bodies along with how each pose can heal our hurts.


Private Co~Op group meets in person one time per week for 15 weeks


Fridays are private open play you will be invited to our private facebook group to connect with other co-op families and join our Lower Bucks Forest Fridays


Fall semester begins the week of August 30 through Dec 17


No Classes offered Thanksgiving week

No class Labor Day Monday 9/6 or Mon 10/25, monday classes will extend to 12/20


$150.00 per family Minimum of 3 families per Co~Op, Maxium 13 kiddies


  • Homeschool Co-op Mission statement

    To share the opportunity of educating our children with a group of other like minded families in a non-public-school setting.

  • What is the Purpose of Our Homeschool Group?

    ~Social time for kids and guardians

    ~Provide a guide of accountability for teaching subjects not consistently taught by individual family (specifically yoga, mindfulness, social/ emotional learning, mind/body connection)

    ~ Fun and engaging lessons

  • Style of Group

    ~Heather offers 1, 1-hour meet up per week.    

    ~One day a week will be scheduled for your co-op dedicated as a 3-hour outdoor social activity such as playground, park, etc. weather permitting

    ~Other days / lessons can be added per request for your co-op group at an additional cost paid directly to instructor if other than parent

  • Homeschool Co-op Rules

    ~It is required that an adult, other than instructor, be present and responsible for each child during each lesson.

    ~Behavior issues, i.e., cursing, hitting, biting, screaming, etc. will first be dealt with immediately by lesson leader, speaking with child and guardian as soon as possible privately after meeting, issue will be put in writing and emailed to parent as well for first issue.  Follow up issue will result in a probation with an email describing issue sent to parents.  Third strike child will be asked to leave co-op without refund

    ~Families are signing up for a full semester, fall or spring, please know that this is a commitment   to other families as well as yours, consistency is the key to a successful co-op and we are all responsible for our success, payments are non-refundable.

    ~ Inclement weather we will still meet unless travel is unsafe, should this be the case we will utilize and “snow day”

    ~ All issues and concerns will be presented via email to Heather to be discussed with the group.

    ~Refund Policy:  No refunds after 60 days before start date

    ~*Masks are not a part of this program and no child or parent will request any other parent of child wear one, or the family will be asked to leave without a refund

  • Refund Policy

    No refunds after 60 days before start date