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Spiritual Home Cleansing

Spiritual Home Cleansing

A spiritual house cleansing is often necessary to move stagnant energy and possibly to remove spiritual influences that can lead to a wide range of symptoms in your home, including persistent sickness, financial difficulties, emotional turmoil, a prevailing spirit of anger or chaos, and even more dramatic, creepy.


With a spiritual house cleansing we will begin 24 hours in advance praying and meditating remotely to prepare and protect ourselves, your home and family.


The day of your cleaning we will begin the process outside your home with a prayer of protection for ourselves and a blessing for you, your home and family.  Upon entering we will talk a walk through getting a better feeling for what energies are inhabiting your space and how to most effectively work with them we also ask that you open a minimum of one window per room.


Once we begin the process of cleaning we ask that you remain outside the physical building.


Process may include and may not be limited to smudging, praying, use of crystals, reiki, sound healing, etc


Please note for most effectiveness keep windows at least cracked open for 24 hours.  We recommend cleanings be down monthly.



  • Cancellation / Reschedule Policy

    24 hrs notice for reschedule

  • All Sales Final

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