Womens Self Care Empowerment Retreat

Womens Self Care Empowerment Retreat

Join our October womens retreat

Sat  - Tues 

in Lancaster County, PA


This time is a sacred space for mystics to refill our vessels as well as offer to each other. The practice of living in community with other women on the path sharing energy. Recharging our souls to help us continue to do our dharma to help the collective ascend.


We contiue to be pulled in multiple directions, this retreat has a single purpose:  Gathering our tribe of like minded women to recharge our souls and refil our cup.


This sacred retreat we will share meals infused with love, practice yoga, expand our awareness with meditation, experience a traditional native american talking stick circle, deepen our awareness of different modalities and paths of healing our selves and activate our power.


Are you a maiden just coming into your power? Perfect! Share ideas, practice your skills, know that anything you share here is safe and always met with love. Have you just been Reiki attuned? This is a perfect venue to widen your channel. Love cooking Ayurveda for yourself and considering going into business this os a safe loving space for suggestions


Are you a crone with many lifetimes of experiences waiting to be shared? Perfect! Our space is safe to share and receive energy and activations and your personal adventures and insights are important to our collective.


Are you a mother in the thick of helping guide the collective through this awakening process? Are you hearing your soul ask for a refill? Perfect! This space will help you balance all you give with the opportunity to receive as well as purge to make space for you to go back out to continue your personal work.


I can not stress enough how this retreat is for YOU and there is only perfection in each offering.


Each participant is requested to offer 1 workshop or class or individualized sessions per person, time to be determined. (if you have interest in providing our meals please contact me, as ingredients are provided)


Limited space



$555 per person per private room

$525 per person per shared room


$100.00 non refundable deposit due at registration

Balance due no later than 7/2/21

no refunds after 08/31/21


This Retreat we have space for and not limited to: 

Meditation ~ 1 practice 1 hr or 2 1/2hrs 

Yoga ~ 1 practice 

Nutritionist ~ 1 workshop or 2 meals prepped 

Shaman ~ 1 workshop 

Reiki ~ per person sessions 

Massage ~ per person sessions 

Crystals ~ 1 workshop 

Ayurveda ~ 1 workshop 

Coach ~ Individual Sessions or 1 workshop 

Psychic ~ Individual Sessions or 1 workshop 

Medium ~ Individual Sessions or 1 workshop 

Nature Walk Leader ~ 1 walk 

Experiential Activity leader ~ 1 Craft / Activity 

Chef ~ 1 workshop or 2 meals prepped 

Healer ~ Individual Sessions or 1 workshop 

Photographer ~ TBD 

Ayurveda ~ 2 meals prepped or 1 workshop 

Business Coach ~ Individual Sessions or 1 workshop 

Reflexologist ~ Individual Sessions or 1 workshop 

Writer ~ 1 Workshop  Marketing ~ 1 Workshop

Nature Walk Guide ~ 1 Walk

ETC... all modalities are welcomed

  • Cancellation / Reschedule Policy

    $100 NON refundable Deposit due at time of registration

    NO Refunds after 8/31/21