Heather is AWESOME.  I feel loved and cared for in our sessions and that is a big part of why I work with Heather, other than I truly FEEL her work working


I am so grateful that the universe aligned Heather and I together in its perfect timing.  Her ingenuity, intuition, love and guidance have already helped me find the light home to myself.  If you desire healing, love, peace, clarity or any good thing to manifest into your life....Heather is your girl!


I have obtained so much clarity, confidence and spiritual growth through love.  I highly recommend Heather, her knowledge and intuition are impeccable


I felt a calmness that has been missing for a long time.  My energy has changed so much since the healing and my wife is so pleased.  Thank you so much Heather for your help, I needed it and it is making a difference in my life and those around me


I honestly feel like a different person, before my work with Heather i was struggling with some dark thoughts.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart


My sessions with Heather are even better than I could have ever imagined.  She really takes the time to explain the benefits of her work and how each session is intuitively guided.  She is gentle, personable and incredibly knowledgeable.  She gives her undivided attention and is truly invested in my well being


I had a lot of dreams where I felt I was being left out of important parts of peoples lives (something I am currently working through in my waking life.)  As the day went on I slowly felt a release from that feeling until i felt completely free


Heather is the best teacher for yoga, meditation and life that I have found


Love Heathers Restorative Meditation Practices



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