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B1 G1 FREE!!!

Good morning shiny happy people. Our weeks are rushing by at an even faster rate!!! If you are looking for the PERFECT GIFT for friends and family these offerings fit the bill. Today is the final day of special pricing for you and your friends... (feel free to share.)

Private Virtual Office Energy Sessions Buy 3 get 1 FREE ($75 value) Continuing Coaching via Virtual Office Buy 3 get 1 FREE ($95 value) Private Virtual Office Personalized Yoga or Meditation Buy 3 Sessions get 1 FREE ($75 value) 20% OFF 7 Week Chakra Self Study Immersion 20% OFF Create Your Personal Altar Self Study 20% OFF Change Your Life in 21 Days Self Study $111 off ALL COACHING WITH HEATHER PACKAGES GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE Sale ENDS 11/30/2020

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