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I am currently looking for 4 people to Beta Test

A $1111 program being debuted for limited clients @ $33

This New Emotional Awareness Coaching Program Is Powerful!!!

Are you ready to take drastic action to change your entire life?  Join me as I journey with you through this 21 day experiential self study.

This program is NOT for the faint of heart, only those truly committed to doing this work for the full 21 days will be accepted into the program with full access to all workshops and programs offered by river lotus healing @ 50% off for the duration of this 21 day workshop.

Program includes:

~21 Morning emails with mindfulness practices to help you release past traumas

~21 mantras or affirmations to work with to evolve into who you truly are

~21 days of access to Heather as a coach and guide to walk you through this powerful process of shadow work

~50% off every workshop or service package offered by river lotus healing for the 21 day duration

Investment of $33

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