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Welcome to the beginning of winter. Last night we had the experience of the full beaver moon and the energy ignited our souls to begin burrowing into ourselves and homes, our process of hibernating. The penumbral lunar eclipse added an exciting twist as a symbolic quest for knowledge and the ability to connect with your environment, the truth will set you free, despite how shocking or paradoxical it may first appear. lunar eclipses highlight themes that have been hidden from you. The moon governs our subconscious mind, and eclipses facilitate emotional resets that help energies that no longer serve you. Our Goddess of the week is Ixchel, the medicine woman, reminding you that you ARE a channel for healing power. Ixchel is a Mayan Moon Goddess and the mother of all other mayan gods. Ixchel is the physical embodiment of the moon and connected to the tides of water (interesting connection with the full beaver moon of today and the extreme rain in our local area of SEPA) Ixchel will connect you to your spiritual roots as the healer you intuitively are. Ixchel is here to remind you this week that you are a powerful conduit. Remember to to connect to the power of the universe, be clear in your intention and stand unwavering in the power that already resides within you.. You are a connection of the infinite, from the infinite and to the infinite, you are spirit in purest form. This is a fantastic week to work deeper with your spiritual practice and connection, the universe has set you up for rapid success I am sending love and blessings for a prosperous week

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