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Good morning beautiful beings, blessings for an amazing week. The energy of the planet dramatically shifted sunday morning about 5am and many of you felt it. Your experience is perfectly right for you, I am hearing of some feeling panicked and fearful and my personal experience is a jolt of energy. Lean into it and embrace it, whatever it may be. This week Aine the celtic fairy queen has chosen to work with us, to offer us guidance and courage to take risks when we call upon her for help. Aine reminds us that indecision and procrastination are death sentences for our souls passion of learning and growing. Making the wrong decision is so much less detrimental to your purpose than making no decision. Pray, meditate, investigate, research whatever it is that helps you gain clarity and then make a decision and take action without delay. Once you make your decision doors will fly open for you on your path one after another. Trust your journey. Trust the universe. Take your leap of faith I am sending love and blessings for a prosperous week

Practice Schedule Monday Dec 7 @ Noon 45min YogaBarre 5:45pm 45min Chakra Guided Meditation Tues Dec 8 @ 7pm Gentle Yoga Wed Dec 9 @ Noon 45min YogaBarre Fri Dec 11 @ Noon 45min YogaBarre Sunday Dec 13 @ 9am Stretch & Center Extremely Gentle Yoga with a Guided Meditation $10 Drop in minimum suggested per class and class requests are welcome

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