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Weekly Tarot Reading

Welcome 2021!!!

This year has begun with a bang and will continue to flow as our energy guides along the rise of the feminine balancing out the swing of the pendulum. The theme that continues to arise it a message of finding your souls true purpose, connect with your inner child and ask what do you love and move forward into making that happen, we have the opportunity to live from our passions we simply have to trust... which definitely sounds easier that it is to practice I know and what do you have to lose?

Our card of the week is the witness and she is reminding us to observe. Pause take notes, cultivate an inner stillness, meditate, consult with your team, pray, utilize all your tools before you jump in. Holding space is one of the most powerful and difficult tools in our box and cultivating it for others and ourselves is especially important right now.

Allow the witness aspect of your being to come through in quiet reflection and watch as that stillness provides change in reality allowing your true souls intent to reveal itself for you.

Your goal: to connect with your soul to clearly hear the guidance from source directing you to your true purpose

I hope you have an amazing week and a happy new year

Be well my amazing friends


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