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Weekly tarot reading & events

Happy Monday afternoon my fabulous friends. Welcome to the final week of January... and we are wide open. It may feel to you like there is no movement and trust that this is the time that space is being cleared for you to travel unimpeded.

Pulling the Upper World card invites you to remember that the heavens are full of magical beings ready to help guide you to your greatest potentials and undreamt possibilities.

Your are being called to quiet your mind and avoid distractions to move into your highest destiny.

You are perfect exactly as you are right now, it is important to remember this as you may be tempted to distract yourself with some type of "self improvement" activity that will at this time actually be a deterrent from your true souls purpose.

The road block that appears is actually the push you need to take your leap of faith into your highest potential.

Your goal: Take the guidance that you have been offered and act on it now

Sending you so much love for a week of growth and empowerment.

Be well my amazing friends,



FREE Event Click on Image for Link


Its time for you to refill your well... Join other Activators, Lightworkers, Healers, Guides, etc as we gather together for a weekend of self love and self care.

Sat April 24 - Tues April 27, 2021

in Beautiful Perkasie Bucks County

Double occupancy room with private bath investment is $555 per person

(space first reserved, 2 people per room... bring a friend)

Loft Space is double occupancy with a shared bath $545 per person

This Retreat may include and is not limited to:

Meditation ~ 1 practice 1 hr or 2 1/2hrs

Yoga ~ 1 practice

Nutritionist ~ 1 workshop or 2 meals prepped

Shaman ~ 1 workshop

Reiki ~ per person sessions

Massage ~ per person sessions

Crystals ~ 1 workshop

Ayurveda ~ 1 workshop

Coach ~ Individual Sessions or 1 workshop

Psychic ~ Individual Sessions or 1 workshop

Medium ~ Individual Sessions or 1 workshop

Nature Walk Leader ~ 1 walk

Experiential Activity leader ~ 1 Craft / Activity

Chef ~ 1 workshop or 2 meals prepped

Healer ~ Individual Sessions or 1 workshop

Photographer ~ TBD

Ayurveda ~ 2 meals prepped or 1 workshop

Business Coach ~ Individual Sessions or 1 workshop