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Your reading for this week...

Good morning beautiful ones.

This week we are working with the energy of one of my personal team, the goddess Isis. 

As the card reads the situation you are currently navigating involves past life memories.  Let yourself think outside the box here, past lives not only mean previous incarnations, they can also mean situations previously encountered in your current incarnation when you were a different person, ie before sobriety, before your current partnership or career. 

Know that your roots here are deep, so deep in fact you may currently have a stuck feeling.  Pulling Isis this week is telling you it is time to dig through your memories.  Most often these are things, traumas that we have hidden and buried so deep out of fear or embarrassment or shame that you may have even forgotten they are there or you may feel like you have already dealt with the situation and have healed from it.  Isis is reminding us that we may need to go deeper, to do some shadow work. 

You are now being called to dust off your armor pop it on grab your sword and call on your team.  Trust that you have the protection of thousands of angels and ancestors and ascended masters standing behind you cheering you on as they help guide you through the perilous, most times less than fun process of diving into the darkness.  Call on them.  Ask for their help I promise they are waiting. 

When we truly come through the dark night of the soul is when we will step into the sunlight of the spirit.

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