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Intro to the Chakras

Lets connect for a greater understanding of our 7 main energy centers and how they impact our daily lives beginning

We work intimately with 1 Chakra each week in a weekly guided, self study email to learn more about our seven main energy centers, how they affect our overall being and most importantly how balance each.

This 7 week experiential workshop includes:

~7 Stone Chakra Balancing kit, one specific stone for each energy center

~Weekly Chakra specific email guide for self practice. Email will include information about the color, purpose, what this energy center affects: physically, emotionally & spiritually, how to balance and activate, your personal right associated with each chakra, list of oils to help balance, daily affirmation to write and repeat, daily mantra for chanting in meditation

~Live Weekly Chakra Specific Guided Meditation

$150 investment

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