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"this is the part where i dont die"

Listen we all “know” we are powerful creators right? Have you been experiencing wild synchronicities recently? You are in such good company and so many star beings will affirm that the present moment is WAY beyond powerful and wishes are coming true at rapid speed. Collectively tomorrow, 12/21/2020, offers us the opportunity to connect energetically with other lightworkers in meditation to not only add our mojo to the healing and ascension of the planet, it is also a time of personal downloading and leveling up. This is just the doorway though, be very clear about your intentions, where are you headed? What do you want? The feelings of discomfort coming up are there to make you aware that something needs to be released as it no longer is serving your highest good.

How do we do that? Simple… kind of. Journal, what do you want in your life? Work? Love? Extra Curriculars? Write it down. What do you NOT want in your life? Write it down. Sit in meditation let what comes up come up and release it. Sit IN it the uncomfortable, the confusion, and repeat in your mind “this is the part where I am uncomfortable and I will not die.”

So there is so so so many tools to help guide you through the leveling up happening, reach out if you need more and check out my collective reiki activation Christmas night

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