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Weekly Reading & Events

Oh my beautiful beings I am so excited to share with you an amazing new deck I have recently begun working with and of course the first reading for you is the Curse. Please release all judgements of negativity and I invite you to step through the looking glass into the reality of our universal time line.

You are being asked to hold space for love and faith, pulling the goddess Quan Yin Sunday morning for our collective and now the curse, with saturn and jupiter joining on the winter solstice it is imperative that you begin to actively practice transmuting negative energies.

I am so excited to share with you the affirmation message of recognizing that your old wounds, ancestral karmas, and stories you tell yourself can be healed, and now is that time. Not only for you, when you heal you, you generate healing for your tribe and like the butterfly effect, healing happens around our glorious planet.

Honor the actors in the scenes of your lifetimes, dig deep into the darkness you may have been avoiding. Forgive and forgive again. Release your soul from the ties that bind you to a past that you may not even be aware of.

Come into true awareness of your actions. Are they aligning with where you are going or are they consistent with the hamster wheel you have been on thus far? Act with intention, speak with intention. Trust that this is your opportunity to right and write a new chapter.

I am sending love and blessings for a prosperous week



Practice Schedule

Monday Dec 14 @ Noon 45min Stretch & Center

5:45pm 45min Yogabarre

Tues Dec 15 @ 7pm Gentle Yoga

Wed Dec 16 @ Noon 45min YogaBarre

Fri Dec 17 @ Noon 45min Restorative Chakra Yoga

Sunday Dec 20 @ 10am Stretch & Center

Extremely Gentle Yoga with a Guided Meditation

$10 Drop in minimum suggested per class

(class requests are welcome)


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