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Listen I am in recovery, not that long ago I made a decision to stop inviting into my body anything that would alter my thinking and feeling. As soon as I began I made my way through the 12 steps with a sponsor, and have done so multiple times going more in-depth each time. I am sharing this because as I have experienced with this process I have seen the importance of a format or outline for living. I share a lot I was never given the guidebook and once I made my admission of powerlessness a magic door opened and this powerful manual was handed to me.

Our country is divided, we have been told by many of the most popular spiritual leaders "hate wont drive out hate" and "it is not the strongest of the species that will survive, but the one most responsive to change" and "you have power over your mind not over outside events"

We are at a critical point and division leads to destruction. I do not have a personal connection to your beliefs and I welcome discussion and I am witnessing so many "yogis" and "spiritual leaders" vomit hate and venom, I have witnessed blatant hypocrisy and while it saddens me that our friends who are beginning to awaken are being bombarded with these messages I trust that we each have our own path... for me, for us I am choosing to continue to be part of the solution as it is my souls purpose, my dharma to live in my truth and share that for you to take what you would like with out my judgement or even my connection to it.

Lets move into living with RIGHT VIEW, as the buddha shared a manual for attaining nirvana or enlightenment one of the steps on the 8 fold path is RIGHT VIEW.

What is right view you ask... well thank you for asking. My experience with right view is a sense of understanding things are exactly as they are. Regardless of what I want them to be, regardless of what the main stream media tells me they are, regardless of what my favorite yoga teacher tells me they are, or my parents, or partner or lover... I have the opportunity to see anything in it true nature.

Right View affords me the opportunity to touch reality, deeply, it invites me to liberate myself from suffering caused by perceptions. Right view is a way of living an insight that fills us with understanding and love and peace.

How do we even begin to develop Right View? Thanks again for asking. Honestly we practice the entirety of the eight fold path. PRACTICE... yes PRACTICE (like science and medicine.) We will go deeper into the other 7 progressively, today lets focus on right view.

Buddha taught that all his doctrine, all the worlds doctrine are not to be accepted on blind faith, they are to be listened to, examined and held up to each persons personal experience. I can not tell an older white gentleman how his experience is for him as a middle age single native american woman, we have different experiences that shape and color our perception of the world. That said, the teachings either of us offer provide guidance to others to help guide along their path.

Right view is the insight into the nature of the Four Noble Truths.

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