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Friends it may feel for you as though you are blocked and have done something "wrong" or veered off the path and I am here to let you know emphatically, you have not.

To know the spirit of love we must experience hate, to be awakened we must have experienced sleep. That uncomfortable blocked feeling you are experiencing is your soul telling you there is energy to be released.

"Doing" will only hinder your healing and ascension this is the time for you to come into quietness and connect mind, body and soul. Forgiving your previous self and releasing all expectations of where you "should" be or what you "should" have done, we truly only have the present moment and I promise once you come into peace with this awareness the path ahead will clear.

The card that present herself to me for you this week is a gorgeous lemurian goddess, The Journey to Wholeness and her message for you affirms you are perfect right now, allow yourself to be with you accepting to allow the healing to happen.

There is nothing for you to achieve, there is no goal. You are being reminded again to practice being in the present moment, transcending the belief that you need to be fixed or you need to fix.

Now, this is an uncomfortable place as we are trained through all society that we, especially the feminine are responsible to make everything ok for everyone around us and I am here to tell you, YOU ARE ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU. Let your being settle into the awareness that this too shall pass and as you place this experience into you memory banks you will have it to draw on when you encounter it again on the next level.

You are a whole bright being and you are perfect right now.

Your goal: Trust the process, you are not blocked I promise, you are releasing. Your goal this week is to allow your body to release energies intentionally that no longer serve your highest good

I love you and I am so grateful to be on this journey with you.

We have so many amazing events coming up at River Lotus to connect with and grow our circle please join us and share with anyone you know on the path.

Check out Aatma Yatras facebook page as Cindy & I share our individual offerings as well as our collaborations. This process of growth you do not have to go through alone WE are here to do it together, whether its Energy Activations, Yoga, Coaching, Educational Workshops, etc Cindy and I are honored to be of service.

Be well my amazing friends,



Have you been drawn to learning about the Chakra System? Lets connect for a greater understanding of our 7 main energy centers and how they impact our daily lives beginning Monday February 15, 2021 with our first guided meditation Tuesday February 16, 2021 @ 7pm We work intimately with 1 Chakra each week in a weekly guided, self study email to learn more about our seven main energy centers, how they affect our overall being and most importantly how balance each. This 7 week experiential workshop includes: ~7 Stone Chakra Balancing kit, one specific stone for each energy center ~Weekly Chakra specific email guide for self practice. Email will include information about the color, purpose, what this energy center affects: physically, emotionally & spiritually, how to balance and activate, your personal right associated with each chakra, list of oils to help balance, daily affirmation to write and repeat, daily mantra for chanting in meditation ~Live Weekly Chakra Specific Guided Meditation Self Care Investment $150


Its time for you to refill your well... Join other Activators, Lightworkers, Healers, Guides, etc as we gather together for a weekend of self love and self care. Sat April 24 - Tues April 27, 2021 in Beautiful Perkasie Bucks County Double occupancy room with private bath investment is $555 per person (space first reserved, 2 people per room... bring a friend) Loft Space is double occupancy with a shared bath $545 per person Email me with any questions


February Book Workshop

UNTAMED by Glennon Doyle Join in as we dive deeper into this popular read and expand our connection with an open discussion, a physical practice of yoga and a guided meditation Register by fri 2/12/21 for your amethyst crystal to amplify the power of our book and collective energy: Sunday 2/28/21 1-3pm $35 registration fee includes book discussion, coordinating yoga practice and guided meditation along with channeled crystal for amplification of activation energy of our book Please post your name address and email in your venmo payment for the workshop


Follow along on the weekly podcast sharing experience strength and hope on a cornucopia of topics recovery, spirituality, evolving, shadow work, momming, learning, growing, changing, loving and doing it sober.

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