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More will be revealed...

Well isnt that the truth??? Welcome to week 2 of 2021 and our preview of the reveal of our awakening. You are being called to do the work, like for real right now. The deeper you go into your self examination the more peacefully and gracefully and quickly you will come through to the other side.

Please know that you truly have no enemies on this plane or any other, each of us is here for the highest good of our fellows. You are being reminded that it is now the time to live from your impeccable truth, speak from love and act from love. It is go time to dive deep into your shadow work to clear away the darkness to shine your radiant light of love from the center of your being to transform and transmute any darkness around you. There is so much anger and hate and venom and this is the part where you are the solution, darkness will never drive out darkness as that famous gentleman once said, only the light can do that and YOU ARE THE LIGHT!!!

SPEAK THE TRUTH! SPEAK YOUR TRUTH! Even if your voice shakes and the small child inside tells you not to that you will be ostracized or ridiculed it is time for you to share your love. To do this from a place of power and truth you must quiet your mind, quiet all voices outside of yourself that are loud and angry place your palms on your heart ask your higher power to direct your thoughts words and actions.

There is a bigger picture and the ability to detach from the little fires and conflicts will allow you space to speak from love for the greater good for all.

Focus on love, focus on reality, focus on your personal experience and offer the respect to every other being to have their own experience.

Your goal: Put your weapons down, this is the time for finding the truth in your heart and shining like a beacon

I pray you have a fantastic week filled with love

Be well my amazing friends




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