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Happy Monday my beautiful friends, this week is full of energy and unknown, fear, and we can flip the script and choose to see the opportunity that awaits us.

Our card this week is the hummingbird and she is reminding you it is now time to embark on your epic quest. Let go of old hurts and patterns, now is the time to boldly take action into the new.

Hummingbirds are delicate beings who are great adventurers and FIERCELY territorial. You are being directed to take care of you and practice self care that when the time comes you are prepared to protect your space.

You are at the precipice of a grand new adventure and this is the time to take a leap of faith, know that success is assured and all is well even through the coming challenges

Your goal: Trust that small voice inside of you and your new wings and set off on new adventures now

Sending you so much love for a peaceful week.

Be well my amazing friends,


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